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Our Homeschooling Story

Homeschooling officially ended years ago as our youngest choose to go to a special High School Program and as our oldest headed to a four year college. Having homeschooled all three of our children from birth until that point I gained a lot of knowledge and experience. I often got calls from parents looking for advice on the basics of homeschooling and asking me the same questions over and over again. I started a blog at the time to cover as much of that information as I could. I then conversted my blog into this site for those who are just starting the journey we have traveled.

Homeschool: Starting the Journey

W young child who is thinking that you do not want them to attend public schools, a parent of a child who is having a poor experience in school or a teenager who wants an alternative to a traditional high school education you can gain from the resources and experiences here. I hope I can inspire you to enter into the world of homeschooling with confidence. No decision is ever final. Some worry that if they choose to try homeschooling and it isn't right for them they will have damage their child's education but that is never true. All roads have bends and branches and the possibility of turning around or go back to where you started. Having been through the doubts and insecurities that plaghether you are a parent of aue most beginning homeschoolers I can say, it worked beautifully for us and many others we know.

Make Homeschooling Right for Your Family

Homeschooling has the wonderful advantage of not being the same for any child. Unlike the schools that need all individuals to fit into certain molds, homeschoolers can develop the right program for the right child and change as their needs change. Here you will read about our children and their experiences. You will also read about some cooperative programs we did with other homeschool children where we parents were able to pool our resources and talents. Last but not least you will read recommendations to try in your homeschool journey. I would love to hear from others about what worked for them and ideas you might like to share with others.

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