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There are lots of sources of great learning materials, you can spend a lot or very little. If you are thinking in investing in a curriculum make sure you can either return it or find some one who has it so you can reveiw it. I have found often even ones that families start out with enthusiastically often gather dust after a few months. As children's needs change and each child is different I always found it easier and cheaper to build things from pieces and inexpensive sources. The biggest exception was for birthdays and holidays we would buy good books, music, games, software and the like that matched their interests and also provided good learning.

Books, games and other materials can be bought at yard sales, on-line used or at homeschool sales/barters which many groups hold. Always start at the library, it's amazing what they can get through interlibrary loan, not only books but movies and other resources. Of course now you can download free audio and ebooks from your local library or subscribe to all kinds of services. Often I'd order a book that looked especially good (see the list on Read also some resources for new books listed there) and then if they enjoyed it go to the library for others in the series or by the same author.


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